Welcome to my web site.

I’m Jordan Lewis, an engineering manager at Cockroach Labs and a Brooklyn townie. I used to work at Knewton, and before that I got my B.S. in Computer Science from UChicago.


I enjoy a wide variety of bespoke username variations across the internet.

  • Twitter:   @JordanALewis       Follow me for tweets!
  • Twitch:    @LARGE__DATA__BANK  Programming stream every Friday at 3PM EST
  • YouTube:   @jordanthelewis     I have some database videos for you to watch
  • GitHub:    @jordanlewis        I think you already know what THIS one’s for
  • Instagram: @jordanthelewis     hehe you bet I have an Instagram, I’m not a savage
  • LinkedIn:  jordanthelewis      Not looking for jobs
  • Dev.To:    @jordanlewis        This is another place for blog posts
  • Email:     jordanthelewis      Contact my agent for business inquiries